Which plan to choose - TexAu Pricing?

Hey, Thanks a lot for checking TexAu! Regarding our pricing and plans, first, we recommend you to start a trial and see what automations you are using and how long they take to complete. You can also invite your team members to use TexAu and see in total how many

What is TexAu Email Enrichment?

You can find and verify emails easily using our in-built email enrichment service. NOTE: Based on your plan you get a fixed number of email enrichment every day. To Find emailsWe simply take first name, last name and company domain and try to find a verified email using different combinations

What is Execution time on TexAu? How do you calculate it?

Execution time is the total time automation takes to complete. Let's say you run a "LinkedIn Profile URL finder" to find LinkedIn profiles using a full name, if you use a CSV of 100 rows and it takes 2 minutes to complete then the execution time is 2 minutes. Few

Is there a way to stop a TexAu Spice with single input?

This is another question which is asked by many TexAu users. Here is the detailed explanation on this. In case of single inputUnfortunately, there is no way to stop a Spice with a single input. We take the inputs from you, pass it to our servers, it starts the browser

Do I need a VPN or I need to get a Proxy?

TexAu Cloud platform requires a proxy in case if you are running social media automations. What is the different between VPN and Proxy?VPN changes your IP address and location while proxy changes actual server location. Here proxy will be used to change the TexAu server location and make it

Can TexAu extract email and phone numbers from any social media platforms?

Unfortunately, TexAu can not provide emails or phone numbers from any platform. TexAu uses your cookies to authenticate to sites for running the automation. We can only extract data that we see when we authenticate to a platform as "you". As we can not see emails of any user on

Is it possible to create a custom audience using TexAu data?

It's not possible to create custom audience by simply using user IDs on any Ads Network. All the platform users must have communicated with your page to create a custom audience. To create custom audience, you must first find a way to communicate these users through your page and then

Why cannot we extract more than 8000 members from the Facebook group?

This is another frequently asked question, why we cannot extract more than 8000 members from Facebook. Let's see how it works and why we can not do this. Facebook only displays a maximum of 8000 recently added members in a group. So let's say that a Facebook group has 150,

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